Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hotel Amazing Mandalay Thukha Spa

Hotel Amazing Mandalay is a lovely small hotel in the heart of historic Mandalay within walking distance of the Mandalay Palace and the railroad station.  The Hotel Amazing Mandalay offers all the services and hospitality one comes to expect from an Amazing Hotel, plus an excellent spa, Thukna.

Mandalay is home to some amazing sights including Mandalay Palace, the historic teak Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung Monastery, Popa Hill, plus some fascination craft workshops.  Nearby are Mingun Paya and the humongous Mingun Bell.  However wonderful the sites are it is hot, dusty and tiring.  Nothing refreshes more than a relaxing spa treatment.

There are several spa treatments designed to refresh and revitalize.
For the ultimate in relaxation consider the Thukha Vitality package. Start with refreshing ginger tea followed by foot reflexology designed to stimulate the body’s own healing and balancing processes in a therapeutic way followed by a traditional Thai massage.
Thai massage is well known to release tightness and reduces muscle pain. End with a relaxing herbal oil therapy. The herbal oil therapy is a holistic approach to massage that promotes blood circulation and enhances the healing process creating a calming, energizing, and cleansing effect on the body. The package includes a healthy drink of fresh seasonal fruit.  Afterwards you will be ready for a delightful alfresco dinner with entertainment or to head out for more sightseeing or shopping.  For more information and other “amazing" check 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

St. Gregory’s Spa at the ParkRoyal Saigon

After a long day visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Cao Dai Temple; or, maybe an exhausting day of work, return to your
home-away-from-home, the ParkRoyal Saigon, for a relaxing evening at the spa.  The ParkRoyal Hotel has several options to put you in the proper frame of mind.  Check out the state-of-the-art gym and/or take a dip in their garden pool both of which are located next to St.Gregory’s Spa. For the ultimate relaxation enjoy one or more of the massages and therapies at St. Gregory’s. 

Take a break from the hectic pace of life and retreat into the tranquil environment of St. Gregory. For a few precious moments, feel like the world is behind you, your energy revitalized and restored, and step out filled with a lightness of mind and body. Pamper yourself with a wide range of face and body treatments and traditional healing therapies. Their menu of therapies will result in a state of total relaxation.

Their menu included something for everyone.  Consider a 75-minute Anti-Ageing Facial specially formulated to combat the visible effects of ageing, the facial has fortifying, regenerating and

moisturizing properties to restore skin’s elasticity, while enhancing its firmness and youthful radiance. Or, how about the 75-minutes Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy that harnesses the healing power and energy of stones when small stones are placed on key energy points of the body. With its deep penetrating heat, the stones are used to massage the body, easing away aches and muscle tension, while relaxing and restoring the balance to the mind and body. Don’t forget to get a Traditional Chinese Foot Reflexology where every meridian point on the sole of your feet deals with a particular part of the body. A steady, even pressure is applied to massage and stimulate these points, thus clearing out toxins, removing energy blockages and improving blood circulation for overall wellbeing.

The ParkRoyal’s St. Gregory has a wide range of treatments using products made from natural ingredients with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy. Feeling renewed and energized, head to the Lotus Bar for your favorite libation and then enjoy dinner at the Garden Brassiere. For more information check and/or Life is good at the ParkRoyal.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pamper yourself at the Divi Resort in Bonaire.

The Divi Flamingo Resort in Bonaire has everything one could wish for in a vacation: diving, swimming, two pools, and excellent restaurants. Let’s face it, after days in the sun, salt water, and sand your skin, nails, and hair could use some tender loving care. To round out a perfect stay visit The Touch Day Spa located at the Divi Resort. Immerse yourself in Luxury with Facials, Body & Bath Treatments, and Massages plus Nail and Foot care or waxing. You can also relax in our Infra-red Sauna.  Check out their special packages that include a Sunburn Cooler Wrap and The Touch
Ultimate Facial. They offer special discounts when you book your treatment seven days in advance.

The Spa offers a wide range of massage therapy treatments. After diving, swimming and/or snorkeling consider their Classic European Massage,
Aroma Therapy Massage, or Reflexology.  You can choose to have a soothing massage outdoors, while you listen to the ocean gently lap onto the sand. Outdoor massages are available by appointment. Not only will a manicure and pedicure give hands and feet better feel, they will look better as well. Show your style and personality through your nails with a manicure or pedicure from The Touch Day Spa.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Spa at Stoweflake in Stowe

Make Stoweflake Resort and Spa your home away from home when in Stowe. The resort offers excellent accommodations, delectable dining options, and a full array of all-season activities. 

For the ultimate in relaxation check out their award winning Spa at Stoweflake with 30 treatment rooms including specially designed Asian-theme rooms and suites along with a full menu of treatments. Enjoy the ultimate: A Day at the Spa that starts with herbal tea followed by a yoga class then a Maple Sugar Body Polish to ease any tension. Enjoy lunch from the pool-side cafĂ©. In the afternoon soak in the spa’s Hungarian mineral
bath and under the hydrotherapy waterfalls. The Aqua Solarium has a sky-scape ceiling and expansive windows with spectacular views of Mt. Mansfield. A cleansing facial rounds out the day.  Then it’s time for a gourmet dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. 

Make time to meander the meditative garden and soothe your soul with a walk around the seven-circuit classical Zen Labyrinth pathway. Their Sanctuary Lounges with a crackling fire is the place to sip complimentary tea and drift away. Total relaxation. There are men’s and women’s private lounges. The Salon at Stoweflake has fourteen stations for manicure, pedicure and hair care. 

The Spa’s wellness programs, natural non-invasive treatments, the Aqua Solarium and salon services guarantee complete restoration of mind, body and spirit. Spa guests also have access the resort’s complete Sport and Wellness Center.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pandaw's RV Mekong Spa

The Pandaw cruise from Cambodia to Saigon offers many unique experiences: Cham villages, markets, unique scenes, friendly
people and there is always time for a spa break.  The luxury river ship cruises sections of the mighty Mekong River, which is over 2,700 miles long, making it one of longest in Asia. It is a multinational river with connections to China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  One of the best ways to get from Cambodia to Vietnam is on Pandaw’s RV Mekong.  Unwind from an adventurous day with a visit to Pandaw’s floating spa. Delight the mind and body with a treatment that will awaken your senses and offer total relaxation after a vibrant shore trip. 

Consider the Classic Khmer Full Body Massage which is a dry massage partly focused on pressure points that increase blood circulation.  Do not expect the stretching and pulling usually associated with a Thai massage.  This massage will
result in total relaxation.  Or, try their foot reflexology treatment with the application of pressure on specific areas of the soles of the feet which in turn causes a positive reaction to other parts of the body. The Pandaw Spa also offers an oil massage along with manicure and pedicure for both men and women.  Regardless of the choice the result will be one of relaxation and rejuvenation.  For more information check

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Enjoy the spa at Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel

The Chinese, Egyptians and Greek were the pioneers in ancient massage. The first document of massage therapy was found about 4000 years ago in ancient hieroglyphic readings.  The word “massage” comes from the Arabic word which means rub, touch or knead.  Massage has developed differently in different areas of the
world. Khmer Traditional Massage developed in the small villages as a healing method that applies pressure to the body’s energy meridian. It releases muscle tension, improves blood flow, and frees the body of toxins. The main benefit of massage is to create harmony physically, and mentally - to seek balance and wellbeing. 

The Plumeria Spa the Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia uses selected oils and natural products that enhance the benefit and therapeutic elements of the each treatment. Lavender works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant that helps relive anxiety. Jasmine has a soothing effect while lemon grass helps to reduce head aches and muscle tension. Blue Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and good for relieving pain of arthritis while wild indigo works like an antibiotic to relive symptoms of colds or flu.   

Guests at the Plumeria Spa can enjoy a traditional Khmer massage
or one of their other massages that combine western and eastern techniques. There are special treatments for honeymooners and the Bayon Royal Delight package that is fit for kings and queens.  The spa offers special foot treatments along with pedicure and manicures.  For more information check

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You deserve the Waldorf Astoria Spa in Shanghai

You deserve it. Stay at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai
and treat yourself with some wellness time.  Start with a short workout followed by a dip in the heated pool then head to the spa. 
For the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation consider the Reconnect Signature Ritual. The nearly three hour ritual will reconnect and harmonize the mind, body and soul.  It starts with a
steam session scented with balancing frankincense followed by a soothing, rhythmical massage with healing hands and gem stones to awaken and balance the body’s energy. A nourishing body polish is next, preparing the body before being cocooned in a warm mud wrap. While the mask detoxifies and firms the body the continuous flow of aromatic oils on the forehead and scalp soothes the mind.  A nourishing body cream application completes the ritual creating a harmonious union of body and mind.  

Or, try their Chinese Meridian Massage which is a therapeutic dry massage to alleviate aches and pains. Knowledgeable therapeutic professionals know all the key energy points to allow good chi to flow through the body. The focus is on the muscle meridians that unblock stagnant energy, dissolve stress and ease away built up muscle tension. 

If you have a full schedule, check out their express care which
includes Pure Air Oxygen Inhalation which is perfect after a long flight or one of the special foot and/or hand therapies.  There are specially designed treatments and messages for men, young people 16 and older, and pregnant women.   
The wellness area also has a hair salon along with a workout area, a lovely heated pool, and a
beautiful library with several relaxation areas. There are often specials including some great discounts for hotel guests.  Remember to arrive about 20 minutes before your scheduled time in order to change and enjoy the benefits of the steam and rain shower.  After your visit you will be ready for a shopping trip and/or a fine dining experience. For more information check