Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hotel Amazing Mandalay Thukha Spa

Hotel Amazing Mandalay is a lovely small hotel in the heart of historic Mandalay within walking distance of the Mandalay Palace and the railroad station.  The Hotel Amazing Mandalay offers all the services and hospitality one comes to expect from an Amazing Hotel, plus an excellent spa, Thukna.

Mandalay is home to some amazing sights including Mandalay Palace, the historic teak Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung Monastery, Popa Hill, plus some fascination craft workshops.  Nearby are Mingun Paya and the humongous Mingun Bell.  However wonderful the sites are it is hot, dusty and tiring.  Nothing refreshes more than a relaxing spa treatment.

There are several spa treatments designed to refresh and revitalize.
For the ultimate in relaxation consider the Thukha Vitality package. Start with refreshing ginger tea followed by foot reflexology designed to stimulate the body’s own healing and balancing processes in a therapeutic way followed by a traditional Thai massage.
Thai massage is well known to release tightness and reduces muscle pain. End with a relaxing herbal oil therapy. The herbal oil therapy is a holistic approach to massage that promotes blood circulation and enhances the healing process creating a calming, energizing, and cleansing effect on the body. The package includes a healthy drink of fresh seasonal fruit.  Afterwards you will be ready for a delightful alfresco dinner with entertainment or to head out for more sightseeing or shopping.  For more information and other “amazing" check 

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